Our Time is the opening theme of season one. It features two animations. The first animation covers Episode 01 to Episode 05, with the second animation taking over until the end of the season. While featuring a rather simple style matching the pilot episodes of the series, due to the increased popularity, a clear quality improvement has occurred between both versions.

The song was composed exclusively for the series and thus features no extended version, as stated by the writer.[1]

Don’t have to be afraid

Don’t let your dream run away
Through the rain
Through the rain
I can make it through the rain
That’s real
It’s me
This dream is right inside of me
Right to dream
Right to dream
This is the only way to be


Season TwoEdit

Exceeding My Limits (超越极限) is the opening theme of season two.

by Nanzhengbeizhan



大声向宇宙呐喊 make some noise
怕什么跟我联手 make some noise


Those passionate youthful days.

Still deciding our own beliefs.
To achieve this goal.
We will exceed our limits.

Scream to the sky, and let's make some noise!
Don't be afraid, hold my hand and let's make some noise!
Unafraid... We march forward, heads held high.
Wipe your tears and pump your fists in the air.

I don't believe that I will not make difference
And I'm not afraid of facing difficulty and failure.
I'll walk the path of thorns and extinguish a burning ocean.
Exceeding my limits! Exceeding my limits!



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